Zahra Khan – This software engineer from Lahore has now broken stereotype by venturing into technology and she is amazing

Pic: TechJuice

As a team leader at the famous Arbisoft Zahra Khan is sensational and has caught the attention of many now with her skills, expertise as well as with her experience. It is now said that Zahra Khan has broken many stereotypes by venturing into unknown territory for woman. It is often said that technology is for men community and women community do not have a place in that field.

Here Zahra Khan is stupendous who has achieved many superb things in her short career of five years with Arbisoft firm. Arbisoft is a software development firm located in Lahore in Pakistan and is in the limelight now. It must be noted that this Zahra Khan’s is the team leader.

It is good to her that she is now managing a project for Travelliance which is her company Arbisoft’s important partner. Zahra Khan spoke about her experiences and said that she was with FiveRiver Technologies before for a year and now for four years she is with this Arbisoft and is doing very well as senior software engineer and as project manager. Zahra Khan also expressed her thoughts about her parents and said they always stood by her and gave full support to her and that was why she chose computer science for her career.

She also spoke about how there was no restrictions imposed by her parents as like other Pakistani families where girls were not given full freedom. She also threw light on the fact that parents were responsible for their kids venturing into unknown territories like technology fields etc. Zahra Khan now inspires many women. Great!!

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