” Hi “- World’s First Masterpiece Supreme Luxury Car Manufacturing Company – Interview with Mr. Hradyesh Kumar Namdeo, Founder Director & CEO


Please let us know about your venture and how it’s different from others? 

Hi Private limited is our venture, and it is all about YOU. Our entire business revolves around you.

We create and offer masterpiece supreme luxury never experienced before. In simple words that’s our business – we create Masterpiece- single piece in the whole world created especially for you…

It’s an innovation and research driven multi cluster global business focusing to create next generation supreme luxury solutions and exclusive experiences. An innovative “Hi” world of luxury where dreams come true and become a reality for you.

Handcraft your dream into reality – we hand build a masterpiece crafted especially for you, exactly the way you want which always remain a single piece in the whole world and every thing happens exclusively on “Invitation only”…

In a very short period of time “ Hi ” – Worlds first handcrafted masterpiece supreme luxury car manufacturing company for its innovation, unique business, concept and exclusive products hold more than 13 different world records and counting…

It not only created a new product range but also created a new global luxury market segment with the introduction of its masterpiece supreme luxury offering.

To answer how we are different from others – In our business there are no others:

“ Hi ” is worlds first and the only one company manufacturing masterpiece supreme luxury car exclusively on invitation only.

Its around 247 years since the first car was made in this world still you never had the luxury of driving a car especially made for you exactly the way you want till “ Hi ” started its business… 

How did you get the idea to start this? 

Luxury has different meanings for each one of us, being part the global luxury industry for more than 2 decades; I realized a strong urge by individuals with reference to exclusiveness of any luxury offering. You always had the bespoke tradition to offer but that is also not exclusive in real sense

For an individual who indulge in the finest luxury experiences offered in the world deserves more … why you have to settle for bespoke or limited editions and make any kind of compromises? Where is the innovation in luxury?

These were the initial thoughts followed by a global research study that ignited the idea of creating our global business -“ Hi ” masterpiece supreme luxury


We at Hi connected the roots with the beginning of human civilization, “Hi” innovated a new global luxury market segment of “Masterpiece luxury” for the existing ultra, bespoke and limited edition luxury consumer to experience the supreme world of luxury never offered before in this world…

Today with more than 13 world records and counting, “Hi” proudly represents as “World’s First Handcrafted Masterpiece Edition supreme Luxury Company “ in the global luxury markets.

Also India never had a super luxury car manufacturing company – Hi is India’s First super luxury car manufacturing company and also World’s First masterpiece edition super luxury car manufacturing company…

Let us know about the people who are behind this venture?

Hi Founding director & CEO – HK (Hradyesh) is working on his dream of creating a new global business league enabling the best for the next gen world. HK a first generation entrepreneur started his first venture at the age of 10 and fourth venture at 21. Each venture was profitable and he expanded his reach in completely different business segments. HK is scholarship holder from Government of India, ChPM (USA), ICFA (London), MFP (USA) also hold national & international experience as head of private and global banking with the world best banks.

Hi Founding director – ML (M. Lal) is dynamic visionary engineer, MBA, entrepreneur and also our first investor with over 50 years of experience; for 34 years, handled various engineering divisions of India’s maharatna co. An excellent logical thinker, and an individual who never stops surprising by his achievements…

Hi is continuously growing its global family, mentored by an exclusively created panel of eminent national and international experts, scholars, professionals from different industries and segments. 

Have you got any kind of funding, if not do you have any such plans?

Exclusive luxury, Research, manufacturing and that too involving something like automobile are very niche segments and rewards accordingly. So far we are completely self-funded.

We are open and keep interacting with global investors who show interest in our business. As our esteemed clients we are also very specific and particular in discussing / joining hands with individual / Angel investor or VC / PE / institutional investors sharing similar passion in exclusive luxury domain.


Interestingly we are adding value at this front too… two of the well-known active funds got so impressed by Hi that they are now amending their mandate to invest in our exclusive luxury and manufacturing space.

Recently Hi was invited by German government on a government sponsored long stay visit to explore business partnership between Hi & Germany.

The German Government certified “Hi” as “Fit for partnership”.

How big is your team size and from which location do you operate?

Hi is a global business, we are ready to serve you at any part of this world. The operation, manufacturing process are currently performed via our New Delhi, NCR and Mumbai locations. We had started with a Hi-team of 18, which is growing every day both in and out of India.

What is your future plans?

“ Hi ” is all about creating and offering the supreme luxury never experienced before…
“Hi” created an entirely new global luxury market and evolving it further, we have just started and for us the possibilities are limitless.

“ Hi ” multi-cluster Supreme luxury global business will continue to scale further globally in both directions vertically and horizontally expanding operations in multiple domains of its existing and new global businesses.

“ Hi ” multi-cluster luxury business comprises of supreme luxury Masterpiece editions, super exclusive luxury car manufacturing, Passion automobiles, Aviation, Marin, Space technology, Research and development, Innovation technology, Lifestyle, Fashion, Hospitality, Events, Motorsports and many more…

Which is one thing, which motivates you to be in this field?

Hi social initiative “Hi world” is the strength and real source of motivation not only for me but also for our entire Hi team. You may be thinking what is Hi World,

Hi-World is our commitment to the global society to build a better world for the next and coming generations. Hi-World – where each and everyone should at least have access to the basics enabling better living. Our entire business at Hi is structured in such a way that every step we progress, we contribute towards creating a Hi –World. It’s not only about our global research and development projects; we at Hi from day one are committed to share 25% of our profits under our social initiative Hi-World. The innovative working at Hi ensures we act as a bridge between our ancient human traditions and the next generation enabling the best for coming generations.  The clear thought followed by our actions that we at Hi are working to create a better world for the coming generations always keeps us motivated.

And yes always remember…

“Dream first to realize your dream” – Hradyesh

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