Wang Jianlin: The Man who proved that there is no mantra for Success

Pic: Wikimedia Commons

Wang Jianlin, someone like a true boss. Wang Jianlin is a real-estate mogul with his hands in dozens of sectors and his name on hundreds of businesses through his conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group. Jianlin’s businesses span the globe, including upscale real-estate development projects in Sydney and Madrid. Wang Jianlin is someone to whom Prime ministers send thank-you notes to, and Hollywood’s biggest stars fly to China for, when he summons. He was one of the very rare few who was a part of the Business community to meet President Obama, when he had come down in attempts to woo foreign investors.

The beginnings of this visionary were very humble. Here is the life story.

Early Life

Wang Jianlin was the son of a Red Army hero and was a part of Mao Zedong’s Communist Revolution. Being born to a family with a strong military background, he chose to be a soldier and his father helped him by pulling the strings at the very tender age.

Army Career

He joined the People’s Liberation Army and started serving them initially as a border guard and eventually rose to become regimental commander. But later the Chinese army was slimmed down and Wang was among the millions who were decommissioned.

Random Jobs

After serving for many years in the People’s Liberation Army, Wang then moved on to work as the Office Administrator for the Xigang District in the city of Dalian. But obviously, the life of a government official was also not for him. Therefore Wang left the job and then took a job at a debt-ridden property developer as General Manager.

Dalian Wanda Group

Further Wang Jianlin took control of the debt-ridden property developer and changed its name to Dalian Wanda. Wang Jianlin started Dalian Wanda Group with borrowed sum so that he can start a venture of his own.


From the borrowed sum to start his own company which now has grown into a huge enterprise. His start up is currently a conglomerate of five different areas – Luxury hotels, a Chinese departmental store chain, commercial property, cultural industry and tourism.

Tough Time

Wang Jianlin had tough time when government stopped providing loans to the real estate firms, asking to pay back all the pending loans rolled out so far due to which Jianlin faced a lot of pressure at this moment and was even hospitalized for around one week.


The pressure that Wang Jianlin faced made him learn something new. He was so good with his execution that local officials had begun coming to him to various sorts of projects in their cities and he rose again and this led him to establish a Global Empire.

The India Angle

He spoke to PM Narendra Modi and expressed his intent to explore business opportunities in India at a meeting in New Delhi. Additionally, in meetings with officials from the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, the Ministry of External Affairs and state governments, Wang further went on to inquire about the incentives that will be offered by states and the land acquisition process.

Winning Point

Wang Jianlin proved to the world that there is no specific secrets for success. Winning comes from preparation, learning from failures and hard work. According to him, a business which is just for making money is a poor business.


Don’t ally your personal interests with the development of the company. The basic principle is, I command and my employees carry it out immediately.

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