This travel firm and gift courier firm owned by Akash Bhardwaj and run by visually impaired women in East Delhi are doing a great work and is sensational

Pic: TOI

To run any firm requires great skills. It is known that people who run firms face lots of issues. Not many can do what a person named Akash Bhardwaj is doing now. He is running his firms titled ‘’Khaas’’ and ‘’Khaas Uphaar’’ in East Delhi with visually impaired women and is simply mind blowing.

Akash Bhardwaj recollected the happenings of his past about his firms that are now run with help of visually impaired women and said that his meeting with a women during Diwali in 2015 was inspirational for him to start his firm. He spoke about that woman was visually impaired with disfigured face due to brutal acid attack on her by her neighbour. She was ditched by her husband because of her issues.

The latest news is he is now planning to give employment to four acid attacked women in another two months. It is now said that he sold his bike and some jewelery to launch his firm about 6 months ago and he can now feel happy that 5 visually impaired women named Archana, Dipti, Kamlesh, Prema and Nirmal are working very efficiently. It is really superb that right from making appointments these women play a great role and it is said that they also accompany the groups on some trips.

Apart from that these women also prepare and courier gift based items. It is known that a software JAWS helps many visually impaired people and it is with this software these five women do their work. Superb Akash Bhardwaj!!

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