The “Dynamic Skin” design from NEFFA – Made out of Textiles


NEFFA-managed by Netherlands based Aniela Hoitink has created and designed this “Dynamic Skin” from Textiles, as she calls it. The underlining thing about this “Dynamic Skin” is that it collects and stores solar energy and uses that energy to generate warmth or light, forming its own metabolism. Another surprise is that various parts of human body like muscles and bones is the inspiration for “Dynamic Skin” design.

This is something interesting than one can ever thought. Heating threads in the textile cause the clothes to change color, giving visual expression to the blood circulation. The color pallet is inspired by the human body, with different skin tones combining with the blue of veins and the red of blood.

Dynamic Skin very much like the human skin, also consists of layers in which, energy is used based on the wearer’s heart rate and circulation. A monitor translates the wearer’s heart rate into a LED pattern that reflects the rate at which blood is flowing through the wearer’s body. Another similarity is that as the human body consumes food and uses that energy to power movement, in the same way Dynamic Skin collects and stores solar energy and uses it to generate warmth or light.

Aniela Hoitink began by designing five inspirational outfits inspired by the human microbiome, blood circulation, muscles, nervous system and bones and then added further detail and development to those five concepts.

Woo! That sounds like something high above the concept.

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