Suryani Senja from Kelantan in Malaysia wants to preserve heritage and promotes crafts using modern designs

Pic: The Star/Art Chen

Malaysian born Suryani Senja has now caught the attention of many for her superb work. It must be noted that she established a company named ‘’Senijari’’ and it is involved in the promotion of Malaysian crafts by means of modern designs.

This 46 year old Suryani Senja is of the view that she is responsible for creating new market and not cannibalising it. It was in the year 2013 she started her business venture ‘’Senijari’ with the aim of using tradition based crafts to many products. It must be noted that the word ‘’Seni’’ refers to art and the word ‘’Jeri’’ refers to hand and creating art by using hands is the meaning of this Senijari.

Songket was chosen by her because it is king of the fabrics and made shawls. In these shawls single songket were used by her and in the end modern print looks were got. Later she made bags and jewellery products using the same process. The products created by this 46 year old women are of superb quality and the great piece of information is artisans skill as well as creativity gets magnified.

The superb pint to note here is her songket jewellery is liked by people of all ages and according to Suryani Senja Thailand’s Jim Thompson and Hong Kong’s David Tang had inspired her to great extent. It is important to note that as a lawyer and banker she was spoken in high regards by many and she later quit thee jobs to venture into the business. Superb Suryani Senja!!

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