Startup Story: enables hiring of ABCDE: Aya, Bai, Cook, Driver and Everyone


One of the prime needs for India is that we need to develop an eco-system where people could get skills and relevant jobs. Skill India initiative of Govt of India is working hard to provide skills to Indian youth. is a Job portal for semi-skilled and unskilled workers looking for jobs as housemaids, cooks, drivers, caretakers, babysitters, housekeeping staff, office boys, courier boys etc. Here’s our exclusive coverage of the startup.

Please let us know about your venture and how it’s different from others?

Meenakshi Gupta Jain: enables hiring of ABCDE: Aya, Bai, Cook, Driver and Everyone similar without the need of any agency or similar middleman. The whole process is dependent only on the two sides, Job Seeker and Job Giver, having a telephone, and the Job Giver having an Internet connection.

We are different from similar players as we enable a direct connect between the Seeker & Giver, through a largely automated process, which requires minimal human intervention. This ensures better matches, faster hiring, and hiring across cities which is extremely cost effective for both sides.

How did you get the idea to start this?

Meenakshi Gupta Jain: We realized that with rise in the number of nuclear middle class families and working women across the country, the need for helpers, especially women, belonging to the semi-skilled or unskilled categories is rising continuously. With boom in economy, their requirement is also increasing in offices. At the other end, these workers are also looking for jobs but have difficulty reaching out to the right employer. So, there is a demand as well as supply, and the need was to find a way to match the two.

We analyzed that just by facilitating a connect with prospective employers and by providing the blue collared working population with job information, we could transform livelihood of people, their family, community, society and nation, as every day without work is big monetary loss for them. Once we started interacting with the seeker in this category, this became the motivating factor for us.

Let us know about the people who are behind this venture?

Founders, Meenakshi Gupta Jain and Punit Jain are the Co-Founders. Meenakshi holds an MPhil from JNU, New Delhi, and Punit is an IIT IIM alumnus. Meenakshi is full time CEO and takes care of day-to-day Operations and overall business. Punit is a Founder Mentor, and is involved in strategy and partnerships.

Have you got any kind of funding, if not do you have any such plans?

Meenakshi Gupta Jain: We have not sought any funding so far. While we now have a stable business model which has been proven to work, we are currently trying new things to deal with some challenges we still face. Once these are sorted, we will start looking for funding to scale.

How big is your team size and from which location do you operate?

Meenakshi Gupta Jain: We operate from Chandivali in Mumbai. We have worked hard to maintain a lean team to keep expenses under control. In addition to a full time CEO, we have a team of 5 part timers working as call centre staff and one full timer working as Marketing Executive in Delhi. We have so far outsourced our Tech, Digital Marketing and SEO work.

What are your future plans?

Meenakshi Gupta Jain: We are focussing on penetrating the Job Seeker population in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. We had apprx. 3,500 Job Seekers on the platform in March 2016, and the number has gone up to 16,000 today. We want to keep growing our database at the same rate. Also, on the anvil are some offerings of supporting services for the Job Seekers, which we are working on.

Which is one thing which Motivates you to be in this field?

Meenakshi Gupta Jain: There are 6o million urban households expected by 2027 and 50 million SMEs in Tier 1-3 cities in India (as of 2013). So, there is a huge opportunity to bring about a change in the way blue collared workers get employment. This is the biggest motivation we have.

All the best Team

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