Shobhaa De writes her memories about Parmeshwar Godrej as a tribute

Pic: Wikipedia / NDTV

Parmeshwar Godrej, wife of Adi Godrej, chairman of the Godrej Group passed away early this week. She was quite famous for her social work. People from various sections of society have shared their condolence messages.

Shobhaa De, famous writer and media personality knew Parmeshwar Godrej from last many years. As a tribute to the departed soul, Shobha De has written an article about Parmeshwar Godrej which is published on Times of India website. Below are some of the important points which Shobha De touched upon.

Sometimes, a cliche says it best, so I am going to use one to describe a lady like no other: Parmeshwar Godrej was indeed a legend in her lifetime.

As a corporate entity in her own right, Parmeshwar was recognised internationally for many of her forward-thinking initiatives involving global concerns (AIDS awareness, for example).

With her magnetic personality and persuasive powers, she was entirely at home with world leaders, lending able support to her husband Adi Godrej at international fora.

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