Sarah Lance’s ‘Sari Bari’ Freedom Business initiative provides business opportunities to sex workers or those vulnerable to trafficking

Pic: Instagram

Call it a bold move but in a country where sex workers have been treated badly and are restricted to red light area and are trapped highly in the sex trade business, there is an Indian quilt and bag company located on the fringes of Sonagachi, Kolkata’s red light district has employed two former sex workers, Chaya and Supriya to its boards. Counting it as any major step in any industry, Sarah Lance, company’s co-founder called it as the first kind of move that has been ever taken.

A decade ago, Sari Bari was launched by Sarah Lance and the objective of the company was to provide an option of living to sex trafficking victims. Invitations have been sent out to nineteen woman’s to become shareholders in the firm. Currently, the company has taken up 120 women to stitch old saris together to create quilts and bags. On every product, there is the name of the women who has made it.

Freedom Business is now a ten year old company that still aims at helping sex trafficking victims by giving them a opportunity to live once again on new economic opportunities.

“The idea of the business grew in response to the fact that girls who were rescued and sent to shelter homes were asked to leave after they turned 18 or once their cases were over,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Whatever has been done till now, there was a slight selfish motive and that was to prevent these women’s from being re-trafficked to sex workers and indeed this is one great step where the sense of pride is more important.

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