Rahul Shukla- This man from Gujarat purchased a $6 million company with $ 6000 in his bank account

Rahul Shukla- This man from Gujarat purchased a $6 million company with $ 6000 in his bank account
Pic: Jansatta

Gujarat based business man named Rahul Shukla is now making huge noises and is the subject of discussions for many.

This humble man is Director research at the famous SS White Technologies located in New Jersey in USA and this manufacturing unit was established in the year 1844. It all started in the year 1988 when this Rahul Shukla told his wife Meena that the company he was working would be sold soon.

It must be noted that at this juncture his wife Meena asked him what his next plan was and Meena was surprised to hear her husband say he would be purchasing the company. It is worthy to mention that the company was worth amount $6 million but Rahul Shukla had $ 6000 in his bank as savings.

It is simply superb to hear that this Rahul Shukla by his hard work and determination to succeed had gone to amazing heights in his professional career as the president and CEO of the company. It must be noted that he first entered the company as quality control inspector. It is now revealed that it took nine long months to pursue various banks selling the idea of company’s future and money was raised.

The flexible rotary shafts manufactured by his company are simply top class with supreme quality and the superb piece of information is nearly 98% of aircrafts use his company’s products.

Rahul Shukla recollected his past and said he was from Gujarat and went to US to do masters in industrial engineering and landed up a temporary job in SS White plus got few other jobs that was needed for him to lead his life. Great Rahul Shukla!!

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