Popcorn shop in Paris by Scarlett Johansson

Pic: Pixbay / Wikipedia

American actress and multi-talented Scarlett Johansson is going to open popcorn shops in Paris. As reported by enca.com, “It isn’t an obvious career move for a movie star…until you think about it.”

One reason for choosing Paris could be because she spends lot of her time in this city. It is also reported that she is going to serve the customers for marketing and branding.

She has been very passionate about this business and wants to serve the best quality and fresh popcorns to its customers through the retail outlets.

Nowadays it’s becoming a trend that people from diverse fields of life are investing into all kinds of businesses. You can call it a startup as well. Once is brand is built it can be taken to other parts of the world.

All the best Scarlett Johansson for your new venture.

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