Pallavi Joshi’s way of explaining the GST is Superb


It’s obvious that many amongst us, from the time GST been released for us haven’t get the concept clear yet everyone is aware that what the major stands in the meaning but everyone isn’t that clear and to get the very concept right on GST, Pallavi Joshi has come up with a short video that explains what GST actually is and the way she explains the whole concept by digging the GST on a much simpler note may be difficult for others to make it that simple and much more broader.

Here’s her way.

This is how Pallavi Joshi explained GST in simple terms. Suppose your child is having a birthday and you get him a pack of chocolates that are to be distributed in school among your child’s class and in the mid way he meets his friend who actually goes to school with him and as you drop your son to school, you simply bid him a good bye by saying Happy Birthday.

This happy birthday was then heard by the gatekeeper and then the news reached to teacher and teacher simply announced the news in the class and the he has to distribute the chocolates in the class but the there comes a rule that if your best friend is absent then he will not get your kid’s birthday chocolates and he misses out so whatever things that have been turned up till now is actually the local taxes that you have to pay and the one who doesn’t get it, he gets it against as the kid who just meet your kid on the school way.

But what role does GST plays in this, here comes, if by the rule, the kid is allowed to give the whole packet of chocolates to principal and then principal took the responsibility that the chocolate reaches to every boy in the school on an equal basis then things would have been lot easier and this is what GST is.

This explanation till so far has been in understanding the real meaning of GST and what actually the outcome is the main motto that has been shown through Pallavi Joshi’s point of view.

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