Mukesh Ambani had a good laugh during Hutnsman’s Speech


Memories never fade away. They remain for a long time and memories are the things in man’s life which keep him reminding all his life’s incidents and some memories are such that lasts for entire lifetime and make us smile. These memories are preserved and are special in the case when friends meet after a long time and share special moments together.

No matter who the person is, moments make everyone laugh and one such moment happened with a biggie who is now the biggest industrialist and owns Reliance Corporation. He is the man who is also now giving free internet to the country’s people, Mukesh Ambani.

Recently he was in a session in which Hutnsman’s was giving a speech and reliving some memories from the past when he was in India with his father where he met Dhirubhai Ambai, the legend and there his father told him to follow the Ambani boys where ever they go and this made Mukesh Ambani laughed hard on his speech.

Sweet Memories always makes you smile.

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