Motivational Real Estate Lessons to Learn from Akira Mori, a Real Estate Developer in Tokyo, Japan

Pic: Getty Images

As the economy improves, Tokyo, with clean water and air, will gradually stand out as an attractive place to invest, luring foreign capital.

Cheap properties tend to be the first to decline and last to recover.

Property in a desirable location is good because it tends to be the last to drop in value when the market is bad.

The inflation target will naturally benefit real estate.

This is the perfect timing to invest.

Tokyo’s attraction as an international city is very high.

We have continued to construct new buildings, but for the acquisition of buildings, our plan would be the first since Lehman went bankrupt.

Whether ‘Abenomics’ will succeed will depend on the growth strategy. If Abe’s growth strategy is going well, we may consider buying more.

With Japan’s aging population, we will find more demand returning to central Tokyo.