Michael Dell: He craved for computers and this was his only passion

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Dell is a famous brand, majorly deals in electronics and have captured the market well. Everyone has enjoyed the latest of all from Dell but where does this word “Dell” come from, what’s that Dell sign in laptops, that’s the signature of Michael Dell. Dell Inc. was started by University of Texas freshman Michael Dell in the year 1984. Michael wanted to sell computers at affordable rates and break the monopoly that IBM was exercising over the market, so he started off by buying computer parts in wholesale, assembling them and selling them via mail order. The innovation has led high and is still continuing in the top trends.

Here is the short summary of Michael Dell, the man who had crave for computers.

Early life

Born in Houston, Texas. His father was a stockbroker and an orthodontist and mother was a money manager. Two things inspired Dell more than anything; first came his parents and the second was business.

Schooling and job

At the early age of eight, he sat for a high school equivalency exam in hope to venture into business. He did his schooling from Herod Elementary School in Houston, Texas. From teenage, Dell kept doing several part time jobs from where he would collect money to invest in precious metal and stocks business.

The passion for computers

Michael Dell at an early age has received his first computer Apple II and studied details on how it worked and developed a knack for computers. Dell analyzed the basics and kept on repeating basics till he learned what it’s all about.

PC’s Limited

When Dell was at the University of Texas, he began his computer company “PCs Limited” with his pocket money. His family financed him with huge amount and Dell started assembling computer and selling with a year free service warranty. His dedication to service got him hundreds of satisfied customers.

The big decision

Michael Dell took a big decision. He quit his studies from the university to devote whole time in business and started selling PC, kits and add-on components. After that company was renamed with Dell Computer Corporation and moved in North Austin. Dell began selling computer online and launched a server and the growth doubled within years and became world’s largest PC manufacturer.

Cost effective and sales business

Michael Dell had made the brand “Dell” high but his motto was to reach every consumer who will be using his product, thus Michael Dell came up with an decision. He made the costs effective and soon he was earning much more only from his sales business. The principle of the company was to provide computers at the lowest price possible.

The guarantee of business

Dell knew his company’s place in the increasingly competitive PC industry was in no way guaranteed. To ensure continued success, Dell and his top executives made a pair of controversial strategic decisions that ran counter to prevailing industry trends. Dell chose to focus on high-margin business customers.

Dell proved the critics wrong

On the following move, Dell also opted to rely exclusively on direct marketing rather than retail. This move of Dell was questioned by industry pundits, pointing out that by selling direct Dell was slighting the then sizzling home PC market. But Dell proved them wrong. The company’s sales by the decision has topped.

Philanthropic work

Michael, along with Susan Dell, founded the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation through which they serve for the betterment of children and has already contributed for developing urban communities in the United States and India.


According to Michael Dell, You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream.”

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