Manoj Tulsani – Self-made Successful Businessman is passionate about traveling and connecting with new people


Life throws tough challenges on everyone. Some people fail to take those challenges and some come out as winners. Those who stay focused and never lose hope becomes the real winners.

Today, we are presenting our interview with successful businessman Manoj Tulsani who is not just a self-made businessman but also is passionate to do many things in life. Here’s our interview with him.

Please tell us something about yourself

I am an entrepreneur from Ajmer in the Indian state of Rajasthan. As the CEO of Dubai-headquartered Rayna Tours and Travels and Pune-based Imonholidays as well as the co-founder of KNR Transport and Raasha Real Estate, I possess diverse business interests. With a successful background in marketing and trading, I am incredibly passionate about traveling and connecting with new people.

Can you please share what exactly your business is all about?

Rayna Tours and Travels is one of the UAE’s most successful destination management companies. From visa services, crafting bespoke itineraries, and worldwide hotel reservation to offering luxury tours, adventure activities, dinner cruises, and sightseeing tours, we have an in-depth expertise of over a decade in immaculately planning and executing all kinds of travel services.

Besides 70 plus travel outlets across Dubai’s popular hotels and malls, Rayna Tours has many subsidiary tour companies including Yahoo Tourism, Imonholidays, Aisha Travels, Forever Tourism, and Deep Sea Adventures. Furthermore, we’ve developed an exclusive B2B travel portal in order to help agents, operators and small travel businesses from all over the world to develop their business and gain exponential success.

How was the whole journey from taking step one to till today?

Despite a high profile career, I had always known I wanted to set up my own business and build a brand, which would reflect my strengths and concurrently translate my concepts and visions. And back in 2006, I conducted an in-depth analysis of the tourism sector which helped me to realise that visitors to Dubai then only had the option to make booking of hotels in advance and not tours. This understanding was actually my changeover point, which led to the start of my entrepreneurial journey and of course, the humble origin of Rayna Tours as a travel outlet within Dubai’s Flora Grand Hotel. Ten years on, Rayna Tours and Travels continues to evolve and has now branches outside of UAE, in Pune (India), Malaysia, and Singapore.


What were the major challenges you faced?

With the opening of Rayna Tours, the challenges we had to sail across were manifold. From lack of financial support to figuring out operational infrastructure requirements and setting up of an effective business model, there were many significant issues to be tackled on all fronts. And beyond anything, the greatest challenge was to get to the market and convince as well as gain the trust of our customers.

What is one lesson you learned from the whole journey?

The most important lesson which I learned is essentially threefold. First of all, don’t take mistakes or failures as a hard knock. No matter how much insurmountable they seem to be, trials and errors are sure to create new enterprising opportunities. Secondly, think out of the box and stay one step ahead in the industry. Last but the most significant; be unswervingly focused on your customers’ needs and ensure that you maintain a longstanding relationship with them.

What motivates you?

I trust my instincts and hence am extremely passionate about what I do. And this is one thing that keeps me motivated always, despite all unpredictable business lows and highs. I am equally motivated when:

Brainstorming a new product or service with the thought of attracting new customers and exciting existing customers

Establishing interesting and long-term partnerships

Tackling constant challenges and presence of competitors

Interacting with people possessing diverse skillset and talents

What is your life goal?

Not only to create a successful globally connected business environment, but also to enrich and empower people around me.

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