Leonardo Del Vecchio: The Story You Must Learn

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To rise from the vestiges of poverty and establish one of the most well-known and pioneering fashion brands in the world is a complete fairy tale like. A look into Leonardo Del Vecchio’s life and we will know that this cannot be entirely a fiction material. The founder and chairman of the world’s leading eye-glass manufacturing company ‘Luxottica’ Leonardo Del Vecchio is the second richest man in Italy.  His journey of becoming a billionaire is truly fascinating. He was abandoned in an orphanage, compelled to work at the tender age in a factory where he lost the part of his index finger but through all the struggle and difficulties he lifted himself from the ground, found the passion and built a worldwide empire out of it.

Here is the summary.


Born in Milan, Italy to an extremely poor Milanese family and his father died before his birth. He was given away to an orphanage as his mother couldn’t afford the family. Leonardo has no idea what destiny has in store for him.

Early job

After being raised by the nuns of the orphanage he was forced to look for a job. Soon he started working as an apprentice at a tool manufacturer factory in Milan, where he would assist in making molds for auto parts and spectacle parts.


His curiosity about machinery brought him to books and he continued studying about the industrial design in his spare time during the work breaks and in evenings. Leonardo took most of the time in getting the basics right of the things he was studying.


While still a teenager, Leonardo Del Vecchio envisioned the tremendous prospects for expanding the market and promoting eye-wear as fashionable accessories. He thought about eye-frames differently and developed them not as the necessity for improving the vision but as the modification of personality and his idea proved to be very powerful and popular.

The own business

After moving to Agordo, a valley of the eye glass industry, he armed with the years of experience and skill, founded Luxottica as a limited partnership. He actually began selling eyeglass frames under the Luxottica brand and received substantial success.


Leonardo concentrated a full-fledged eyeglass assembly business and developed his own line of exclusive eye-wear and later an eyeglasses empire. Luxottica started taking over popular Italian brands like Lens Crafters, Vogue, Sunglass Hut, Ray-Ban.

Sheer hard work and skill

From humble beginnings, he was able to take his company forward through sheer hard work and skill. He knew the ins and outs of the spectacle industry, and was able to use that knowledge to gain a foothold in the market.

Brand Global

After setting up his first international subsidiary in Germany, he began integrating and rapidly growing the brand throughout the world.  Del Vecchio was able to do this by forging partnerships with some of the finest and well-known brands in all of Italy, starting with Armani, the kniwn name in Fashion designing.

Bottom line

A visionary and one of the hardest working men in all of Italy’s fashion history, Del Vecchio is a story that dreams are made of. His perseverance and determination saw him create iconic history that will live for years to come.


Leonardo Del Vecchio believes that the values of life are most important. Leonardo Del Vecchio has got the strongest leadership in Italy and he is the proof that money can be make in Italy.

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