Learn the difference between American and Japanese Work Culture from Dialogues of Movie ‘Gung Ho’


In life you need to make decisions

If you walk out that door, you’re going to miss a great comeback. We’re ready to roll here, Jack.

Every country has its own culture

In Japan, when production lags, worker stays longer in factory.

Sometime emotions are more important than money

They do not do it for pay. They do it for company.

Always take decisions in consultation

Okay, you guys have a problem, right? I’m the answer man. I can work this out and make everybody happy. I always have. Come on, you gotta give me a shot here.

Every looks at things from their prospective

None of you would last two days in management training. None of us would be dumb enough to stay two days.

When you are glad to see progress

Hey, did you guys decorate this place yourselves? Because it’s damn nice. It’s real… Oriental.

Anyone can fail

If you guys are so great… How come you lost the big one?

When you are surprised with someone else’ culture

I do not understand American workers. They come five minutes late, leave two minutes early. They stay home when they are sick. They put themselves above company. You seem to feel the same way as they do.

Only facts can tell the difference

Okay, excuse me, but explain something to me. When this was an American factory, production was up 10% higher than it is with you guys. Now explain that to me.

This is true Japanese have made lot of progress

In Japan, production in same sized factory is 40% higher.

It’s all about emotional attachment

Japanese worker is very loyal to company. Is very proud when company does well. Is ashamed when it does poorly.

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