Learn from Quotes of World’s Well Known Economist Jagdish Bhagwati

Pic: Wikimedia

I am not interested in who says what, or what his or her position is. I think we really need to relax a bit and say look these are unacceptable statements on the part of religious leaders.

I mean there are cockeyed people everywhere.

I think what’s changed is not just the rise of the emerging powers, which everybody mentions.

I thought one needs to bring some sanity into this discussion. The principle of monkey say something and monkey repeat – so if you keep repeating again and again that the Christians are under attack, then a lot of Christians will begin to believe it.

I wanted to be a Sanskritist, actually. I fell in love with it. But my father said, ‘You come from a poor family, that’s not an option.’ 

I’m in favor of lecturing to the Chinese, saying you should do better in terms of imposing some conditionality, but at the same time, not to spend too much time worrying about it.

India is largely a cash-driven economy, though a rapidly growing percentage of the population is becoming tech savvy.

Indians are used to kicking down and licking up.

Leadership requires if some community is actually upset and worried you go ahead and reassure them because that’s the only way to function in democracy. Delighted that PM went ahead and did what he did.

Shaking up the bureaucratic system-that’s very important.

So my point of view is that it is crazy on the part of the people who are committed to convert all the time to say you cannot convert.

The one difference, of course, is that China doesn’t go by any rules. India tends to go by it, but it’s not a big deal.

The Rao-Singh government did a few things dramatically, like clearing up investment licencing.

This (Demonetisation) is a courageous and substantive economic reform that, despite the significant transition costs, has the potential to generate large future benefits.

When people say Modi is authoritarian, that I don’t believe. It sounds like he’s a fascist of some kind. But if people don’t exercise authority, nothing gets done. You need someone who is providing a vision of somewhere where you can go.

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