Larry Page: The Man whose curiosity created Google

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It’s hard to believe that one of the world’s most important CEOs started his company with no idea of how it could make money. Larry Page is an icon of the web, heading one of its most important companies through a transitional period in internet history. He is also an inspiring, influential, and very interesting success story for entrepreneurs to learn from. Born into a family that radiated computing, Larry Page’s early life was spent surrounded by math and its products. In our previous article we mentioned about Sergey Brin, friend of Larry Page and also a co-founder of Google and how together they formed Google, here we take an insight into the next partners success, Larry Page.

Here’s the story.

Early life

Larry Page’s early life was spent surrounded by math and its products. From early computers to high-end scientific calculators, his father’s obsession for computing and incredible advances in the science behind early computers caused a deep desire to succeed in Larry, particularly in the fields of computer science and technology.


He did his schooling from Okemos Montessori School, Michigan. Later he graduated from East Lansing High School; and afterwards he attended the University of Michigan and completed Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering with honors; and a Masters degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Early success

He achieved early success with computers, becoming the first student at his high school to use an early computer to complete a science project. In the fields of computer science and technology, Page just started with an outstanding performance.


His family’s obsession with technology and unique style caused him to believe early in his life that he would probably start his own company, rather than spending his life working on behalf of someone else. This helped him with the way he wanted to take for his career and life.

The beginning                              

As with all great predictions, this one came true, and during his studies at Stanford University, a young Larry Page ran into Sergey Brin, an immigrant science student from the Soviet Union. They fought with each other on issues but later became great friends.


Their collaboration on various projects at Stanford resulted in BackRub, an early search engine that indexed pages around the school’s intranet and made them searchable for users. The project was an immense hit at the university attracting praise and remarks about its potential for helping the world to access information.

Establishment of Google

Larry and Sergey brainstormed a catchier name of BackRub. They turned to their mate Sean Anderson for help. Anderson suggested the name Googolplex. a huge number, the digit 1 followed by 10 to a 100 degrees. Sergey and Larry liked the name and proposed to shorten it to Googol and after spelling mistake, it came as with Larry Page as the CEO.

Philanthropic Work

Larry Page contributes to renewable energy technology. In addition, with the assistance of plus, Page endorses plug-in hybrid electric cars and other alternative energy investments. He has invested in alternative energy companies including Tesla Motors.

Bottom Line

From his early beginnings as a computer guru to his later success creating one of the world’s most successful websites, Larry Page’s career has shown the importance of intellectual curiosity.


My job, as a leader, is to make sure everybody in the company has great opportunities, and that they feel they’re having a meaningful impact and are contributing to the good of society.

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