Jeff Bezos – His Sucess Story of Building Amazon and other Businesses

Pic: Wikimedia Commons, the online shopping website we trust and everything that has now reached to the top has got its starting somewhere. Amazon has been ruling the E-Commerce world and the king who has been ruling the E-Commerce field is known by the name of Jeff Bezos. He created the platform, in fact the most consumer-centric company, where customers can come to find anything they want to buy online. This American Entrepreneur is the founder and also the Chief Executive Officer of, as well as also owns Washington Post. An early love of computers that later became Internet’s biggest success story.

Here is the summary.

Early Life

Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her mother divorced his biological father and since then they have been living in Texas for generations. As a child, Jeff Bezos showed an early interest in how things work, turning his parents’ garage into a laboratory and rigging electrical contraptions around his house.

Love for Computers and first business

He moved to Miami with his family as a teenager, where he developed a love for computers and graduated valedictorian of his high school. It was during high school that he started his first business, the Dream Institute, an educational summer camp for fourth, fifth and sixth graders.

Education and Career

Bezos pursued his interest in computers at Princeton University, where he graduated summa cum laude with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. After graduation, he found work at several firms on Wall Street.

A Risky Move

While his career in finance was extremely lucrative, Bezos chose to make a risky move into the nascent world of e-commerce. He quit his job and moved to Seattle and targeted the untapped potential of the internet market by opening an online bookstore.

Pioneering E-Commerce

Bezos set up the office for his fledgling company in his garage where, along with a few employees, he began developing software. They expanded operations into a two-bedroom house and opened


The initial success of the company was meteoric. With no press promotion, sold books across the United States and also in foreign countries within a month. Soon, sales reached much higher and growing faster than Bezos and his start-up team had envisioned.

E-Commerce Leader went public, leading many market analysts to question whether the company could hold its own when traditional retailers launched their own e-commerce sites. Two years later, the start-up not only kept up, but also outpaced competitors, becoming an e-commerce leader.

A Diversify Amazon

Bezos continued to diversify Amazon’s offerings with the sale of CDs and videos and later clothes, electronics, toys and more through major retail partnerships. Many dot.coms went bust and Amazon flourished, taking new heights in the E-Commerce field.

The Kindle Achievement

The company released the Kindle, a handheld digital book reader that allowed users to buy, download, read and store their book selections. That same year, Bezos announced his investment in Blue Origin, a Seattle-based aerospace company that develops technologies to offer space travel to paying customers.


We will need to invent, which means we will need to experiment. Our touchstone will be readers, understanding what they care about—government, local leaders, restaurant openings, scout troops, businesses, charities, governors, sports—and working backwards from there. I’m excited and optimistic about the opportunity for invention.

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