In Aberdeen in Scotland many aspiring entrepreneurs attended ‘’Making it Happen’’ conference


Aberdeen in Scotland which is famous for being the third populous city of Scotland is in the news now. It was in the year 1891 this city got the status of a city. It must be noted that recently a conference in Aberdeen grabbed the eyeballs of many. It is now confirmed that as many as 700 people attended the ‘’Making it happen’’ conference and this conference was aimed at business persons plus future leaders etc.

It is great to mention that this conference was sold out in record time and it is superb that a person named Michael Harkins was amazing at the conference as he won the ‘’Pitch It’’ competition and an amount of 250 pounds. It is superb to note that this Michael Harkins idea to help the kids in swimming was amazing and he was spoken by many there.

It must be noted that Harkins was the winner of five finalists and his idea was appreciated by judges and audiences. Jamie Andrew quadruple amputee who became cynosure of many eyes when he climbed Ben Nevis and Mt Kilimanjaro spoke at the conference and he was applauded by many there.

Gary Mc Ewan who is the Elevator Chief executive expressed his thoughts and spoke about how born entrepreneurs decide about their moment of time in their lives. He also spoke about his happiness regarding the sell out at rapid rate which suggests the sign of appetite for inspiration. Superb!!

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