Ieuan Davis- Hockey coach who won the ”Young coach of the Year” award has interest to help & coach young players

Pic : South Wales Evening Post

Some people do superb things in lives to help others and get noticed and one such is the hockey coach named Ieuan Davis. This Ieuan Davis is doing superbly now in providing his helping hand to many young hockey players and makes them accessible to organized sports coaching. Superb isn’t it!!

It is simply superb to hear when this Ieuan Davis coaches for three teams plus by becoming the finalist in the Young coach of the Year category at the famous Wales Sports Awards that would be held on 5th December 2016 this humble hockey coach is now regarded highly by many for his great contribution. One superb piece of information about him is he is now going to finish his postgraduate studies in sports coaching and that is awesome.

This coach Ieuan Davis feels sad when he says he came to this hockey only late in his life but wants to bring many changes in youngsters hockey careers now with his superb coaching skills. It is now brought out that he had great interest in the game of cricket before as he lived just 200 yards from a cricket pitch. It is now confirmed that he is doing great job as a coach for the Wales under 18 boys hockey team plus the South Central 360 programme for developing players etc.

It is amazing that even without proper coaching models Ieuan Davis abilities caught the attention of many. It is said that he was inspired by Ysgol Bryntawe when he was at the age of 14 and he took up hockey since then. Awesome Ieuan Davis!!

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