Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks – One Sad Incident which changed his Life

Pic: Flickr

As the chairman and chief executive officer of USA based 1971 year established coffee company Star Bucks Howard Schultz is a highly respected person who has made awesome contributions in his profession. It was in the year 1967 USA based basketball team named ‘’ Seattle Supersonics or Sonics’’ was formed and this Howard Schultz was the former owner.

Not only that Howard Schultz was also a member of the boeard of directors at Square Inc company that was founded in the year 2009. This company with its headquarters in California in USA is involved in mobile payments and financial services and is well known for its superb work.

It is important to mention that Howard Schultz dad Fred Schultz broke his hip and ankle and was not able to go for his work and earn money for the living inspired Howard Schultz to make it big in his life. This accident took place when Howard was just seven years of age but even now he has not forgotten that. His family at that time did not have any health insurance, no severance, no workers compensation etc.

Howard Schultz always wanted to build a company where people are treated with superb respect and dignity which his own father could not get. Carmine Gallo spoke about how he was deeply inspired by this businessman Howard Schultz in his life. It is now brought out that this journalist Carmine Gallo wrote his first book and Howard Schultz contributed his time and valuable thoughts.

It is now said that Howard Schultz always liked human connection and gave importance. Howard Schultz also stressed that with many passionate people a leader could achieve anything in his life.

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