Harsh Dhingra, Chief Country Representative of Bombardier Transportation India sees great developments in Railways and Metro

Pic: rail news center

Robust transport system is backbone for any country’s growth. India needs a great push for setting up public transport system to cater to the 1.25 billion population.

In an interview with Business Line, Harsh Dhingra, Chief Country Representative and Whole Time Director, Bombardier Transportation India shared his view about potential in mass transit systems and Railway modernization in India.

He said to Business Line that “There are two segments. One is the metro segment and the other is the railway segment. For metro segment, every city with a population of 2 million needs a new kind of metro system. So, existing metro system in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi will require extensions. New cities like Nagpur, Patna and Varanasi will require new kinds of metro system. So, keeping that in mind, we will participate in both rolling stocks and the signalling systems.”

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