Great Business Lessons to Learn from Quotes of Famous Indian Business Tycoon Sunil Bharti Mittal Founder of Bharti Airtel

Sunil Bharti Mittal, Founder of India’s most reliable Brand Airtel is an inspiration to millions of people in India and abroad. He had setup the company from scratch. With his involvement and Hardwork, Airtel has now become one of the most trusted telecom service providers in India. Here we are compiling a list of his quotes which can give you great business inspiration.

Your background doesn’t matter. You can do things which you have not done before. He didn’t have any idea of Telecom but still he made one of India’s biggest and profitable telecom companies.


I was raised in Ludhiana, a very industrious town, where almost everybody is an entrepreneur of some kind. I decided to manufacture bicycle parts, in particular crankshafts. It was a hot forging unit that I put up, and that’s where I cut my teeth on business.

To be big, stay in the company of big players. They can provide you all kind of financial, technical and consulting support if they see spark in you.


I think, two or three things. I realized very early on that you need to tie up with some large entities — much, much larger than yourself.

Stay in the competition. Look at things positively. Look at facts. Visualize what’s going to happen in future. Analyze data. You can grow by keeping in mind the trends.


I see more and more people using WhatsApp, SMS, and Hike and such forms of communication than talking more. In the last 16 quarters, there is less voice growth and in some cases voice de-growth. What Jio has done is accelerated that path now.

For long term success one can’t rely on short term gains. You can take short term decisions but ultimately you need to decide whether you are running a hundred meter race or a marathon.


Making things free is not innovation. It’s just a strategy to acquire market share quickly.

Things change with the time so as the competition. Keep innovating. Prepare yourself for the future. What you do today may not be there tomorrow. Work in present to meet future requirements.


We all know of the difficulties at the time. You had to book a phone when you were born to hopefully get it by the time you were 18. From that to where we are today, where many people chase you for (providing you) a phone line, things have come a long way.

When you are a small company and at an early age you can take more risks. But when you become big player it becomes tough to take hard decisions. Learn from all situations and be ready to take risks. Don’t get afraid from failure.


When you are a large company, you start to struggle. We struggle too. Large companies always lose their hunger and it’s never do or die. It’s always managing risks, it’s not taking risks.

When you are on your life journey, people will say many things. Don’t bother about them especially the negativity. Write your own success story.


When have analysts ever been correct on the right or wrong? These are all guesstimates, all estimates, who knows.

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