George Soros: Inspiring Life Journey of The Man Who Fought All The Ods

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Few men literally shine after rising from the adversities. Men like George Soros. George Soros is most well-known for the hedge fund, Quantum Fund, which he founded. He currently chairs Soros Fund Management, which manages a huge billion amount in assets and holds stakes in prominent companies including Amazon, Facebook and Netflix. Soros started out with nothing, Soros worked very hard to make his life big. He almost lived on the edge of poverty but he was the who didn’t kneel down before the circumstances. Here is the story.

Early days

Soros was born in Budapest just before the advent of the Second World War and was the son of Jewish parents. He was thirteen years old during the Nazi Occupation of Hungary and was banned from attending school due to his Jewish lineage.


When he was banned from school, it clearly meant that he was in great danger of losing even his life owing to the cruel regime that the Nazi Germans had instilled all over the continent, especially Eastern Europe.

Braving the odds

Young George Soros survived during the Battle of Budapest and immigrated to England. During the period, to survive he worked  as a waiter and a railway porter, before getting a job in a merchant bank, he worked hard and earned a place in the prestigious London School of Economics.

Education and early struggles

Soros earned his B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Economics before finally moving on to New York City. These early struggles were the backbone for Soros to succeed later as a banker as he understood the value of money from an early stage.

Supporting education

George Soros began working as an arbitrage trader and made enough money for five years so that he could move back to England to study Philosophy. He came up with his revolutionary theory of reflexivity during his time at New York.


At the time, he specialized in European stocks when the creation of the Coal and Steel Community, later known as the Common Market, was making those stocks popular with U.S. investors and built a reputation for himself in the field.

Soros fund management

His business career began when he founded the Soros fund management and alongside started the Quantum fund. Quantum Fund made huge amount of money making it officially the most successful person hedge fund in the history of mankind. Since its inception, the hedge fund has generated a billion money making it to the top.

Philanthropy work

Apart from being an excellent businessman who defied the odds and even death at one point of time, George Soros has also played a huge role in philanthropy where he has donated money for the black students’ movement against Apartheid as well as non-violent democratization in Post-Soviet states.

Outspoken political critic and an inspiration

He is also an outspoken political critic and has a leaning toward separatist movements, including the independence of Kosovo. Soros now travels the world and inspires people to follow in his footsteps to achieve the goals that they were born to do.

An important reminder

Soros is an inspiration businessman who has served as an important reminder to thousands of struggling men out there that with true hard work and commitment, anything is possible.

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