Filmmaker Charu Sharma’s documentary titled ’’Go Against the Flow’’ deals with women becoming successful entrepreneurs and is inspiring

Pic: Lionesses of Africa

Young film maker Charu Sharma is now in the news. Reason for that is her documentary film titled ‘’Go Against the Flow’’ is highly inspiring and it deals with women becoming successful businesspersons. Superb isn’t it!!
It is often said that women community does not enjoy the same respect like the men community and women are mostly considered inferior to men in many aspects.

But filmmaker Charu Sharma’s documentary proves that women community could also become successful entrepreneur and they are strong enough to face the problems like men. This Charu Sharma is a confident young girl aged 24 and was responsible for launching two start ups during her college days. It must be noted that she was later recruited by the famous Linkedin as sales development executive.

It must not be forgotten that Charu Sharma founded ‘’Go Against the Flow’’ movement and has also authored three books. Charu Sharma is now hoping that her new documentary would make many women realise their true potential as an entrepreneur.

It must be noted that many women entrepreneurs are profiled in Charu Sharma’s documentary and one such is Hodak who is the CEO of 5year old marketing firm ‘’ZinePak’’. Michelle Zatlyn is another woman who has become successful businessperson in her life. This Zatlyn is the head of cyber security firm she had founded seven years back. Michelle Zatlyn spoke about what inspired her to start a company in this documentary and her great harwork to become successful entrepreneur now.

Latest news is this Charu Sharma is currently working on an app that would match mentors with women needing advice from them for their careers. Superb!!

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