Devon Fiddler- This business woman from Saskatoon in Canada with her ”She Native” store is inspiring many indigenous women and is superb


In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan is present Saskatoon which is the largest city there. This Saskatoon is now in the news. A woman named Devon Fiddler from this Saskatoon is now spoken greatly by many. It must be noted that it first began as a way to empower Indigenous women and it has now developed into a superb business for this Devon Fiddler.

Her fashion line and store named’’ She Native’’ is simply sensational and it offers motivational messages for the women community. As per Devon Fiddler women must feel empowered and must do anything they desired to do and it should not be a problem for them in their lives.

It is really sad to note that this pretty Devon fiddler faced racism and abusive relations when she was young and that really inspired her to launch her own She Native store in Saskatoon. Devon fiddler also threw light on many ups and downs in her life and spoke about how her studies in the university made her strong mentally as she overcame negative relationships and helped her to stay focused to achieve the degree.

Devon Fiddler also shared her thoughts about many positive information provided by the company leaders and how they helped her to change her outlook.

She later spoke about how it was started as a company dealing with handbags but later wanted to offer products like T shirts etc for the customers. Superb Devon Fiddler!!

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