Bernard Arnault: The Businessman who stands out for the obvious reasons

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We need not emphasize on how the French have been the face of the luxury fashion brands. Among those Frenchmen who were responsible for the fashion revolution, Bernard Arnault stands out for the reasons obvious. The man who owns Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Dom Perignon, some of the most precious French luxury fashion houses, is someone whose story is definitely worth knowing. Bernard Arnault is one of the richest men in the whole of Europe. Arnault is best known for turning LVMH, already a luxury-goods giant when he won control and turned it into a global empire through acquisitions, savvy marketing, and bold design.

Here’s the story.

Early life

Bernard Arnault is a native of Roubaix, and graduated with an engineering degree from the École Polytechnique. His father being a businessman owned a civil engineering company and Bernard Arnault had his interest in his father’s business.

The start in business

Arnault must have had business in his blood and following his father’s business of  civil engineering, he joined the business and carried forward his career with his father after getting done with his engineering.

The major change

Soon after, he brought about some remarkable changes to the establishment. He convinced his father to sell the company and from there on, they focused entirely on real estate, which was a wise move back then.

The turn of career graph

Bernard was already heading the company. He completely focused on holiday accommodation through his company until the luxury clothing industry caught Bernard’s eye when he bought Financier Agache, which was by then already selling luxury goods.

Towards luxury Brands

Using a combination of family money and loans, Bernard Arnault bought Boussac, a textile industry which wasn’t doing well and Boussac owned Christian Dior back then. And after Bernard took hold of Boussac, Christian Dior scaled to attain a glory as a luxury brand that it enjoys till today.

Formation of LVMH

Louis Vuitton came shortly after for Bernard and it was by acquisition that he owned the company, which was formerly LVMH. Arnault was known mostly for experimenting with his marketing.

Decision Maker

Bernard Arnault was successfully running Louis Vuitton and the same time he focused on china market. He could have dared to open the very first store of his in China but he concentrated on Louis Vuitton and soon after that, Louis Vuitton spread through the world and today is one of the most loved luxury brands of the world.

Bernard Arnault-A perfect blend

Bernard had the perfect blend of all the qualities that an ideal businessman should possess. He was calm, yet extremely clever and wise in his ways. While giving his designers complete freedom, he met the requirements of his customers.

Mr. Perfection

Bernard Arnault is still is a hands-on entrepreneur who takes care of every single product that comes out his fashion houses. When we take a look at one of those gorgeous Louis Vuitton bags, we know that is the perfection right there.


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