7 Lessons to Learn from Cyrus Pallonji Mistry’s removal from Chairman of Tata Group

Pic: Scroll.in

Tata Group is one of India’s leading business conglomerates. Tata is one of the most trusted and respected brand in India. In the last few days, the group has come to news after removal of Cyrus Pallonji Mistry’s removal from Chairman of Tata Group. This news went viral on social media and stunned the Indian Corporate world.

Here are seven lessons which one can learn from this event.

1) Board is ultimate in any company

In any company it’s the Board of Directors who decides which way the company has to move. No one is above board. It reminds a famous incident when Apple founder Steve Jobs was expelled from his own company by the Board of Directors.

2) No one’s job is secure

Chairman holds the top position in any company. This incident shows that no one’s job is safe in any company. There are social media jokes about Cyrus Mistry’s removal that ‘only Govt job is secure’.

3) Sometime it’s difficult to find the truth

We are hearing many stories in media but the truth is known to very limited people. It’s not easy to find truth.

4) Everyone has their own reasons

We are seeing many statements from new and past chairman. Everyone is giving their own logic.

5) Even large size companies face leadership issues

Whether a company is small or big, everyone faces leadership issues.

6) Succession planning is not so easy

In any organization, succession planning is always a challenge.

7) When the fight becomes dirty

The way things are moving possibly we may see many conflicts coming to public domain.

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