64 year old Hajiya Hinde Maishinkafa of Nigeria has ventured into agricultural business

Pic: dailytrust.com.ng / Public Domain Pictures

It is not often we come across women who are daring and different. Hajiya Hinde Maishinkafa is a 64 year old woman who has ventured into the men dominated business and she is highly successful and is spoken highly by many for her tremendous growth and achievement.

It must be noted that this woman has been doing farming for nearly two decades and her business of rice farming has been going on well now. It was not easy for her at the beginning and the people around her did not take her seriously when a she wanted to do this rice farming business that belonged to men community for so many years. Hajiya Hinde Maishinkafa worked hard and was determined to succeed and is now a source of inspiration for many women around her.

It is important to note that Bunkure in Kano state in Nigeria has got a population of 170891 and this 64 year old Hajiya Hinde comes from this part in Nigeria. The superb piece of news about her is she is amongst biggest rice farmers from Bunkure and she employs around 15 people in her farm that produces around 120 bags of rice.

It is now revealed that SAA or Sasakawa Africa Association did many superb things for her and others in her village. This SAA linked these farmers with the seed companies and dealers and helped them in getting good quality seeds at low costs. It is superb that the milling machine given by this SAA is of tremendous help and cultivating as well as milling their own plus others rice were possible now. Superb!!

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