10 Advertising Lessons to Learn from Alyque Padamsee, India’s Ad Guru

Pic: Wikimedia

Alyque Padamsee is an Indian theater personality and ad film maker. He is probably best known in the English-speaking world for playing Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the film Gandhi. Besides being involved in Indian theater as an actor and producer, Padamsee is an advertising professional who headed the advertising company Lintas.

He is now a communication consultant and also an advertising guru. Presently he is in the last stages of completing his second book on big ideas. In his life span, Alyque Padamsee has something to share on big advertising, some lessons that would help on how to generate big advertising.

Look forward

Alyque Padamsee says it is important to look forward. In the field of Advertising, having a vision ahead of time helps leading greater achievements. Looking ahead is more important than looking back like Mumbaikar’s who look at the world through the windshield instead of rear-view mirror.

Good Advertisement – Good Sales

An ad must be only designed to sell as it serves no purpose in any showcase. A good advertisement is one that brings good sales. The key lies in attracting attention within the first five seconds of the ad. It must make you lean forward and pique your interest in the benefits of the product.

Awards are just for Vanity

Advertisements as shown has everything relatable but the truth is that the ads has nothing to do with the real world. It is for art directors who want to show their creativity off to each other. Alyque Padamsee says that the Liril ad never won any award as it was just an attraction.

Keep your fantasies alive

Theatre has given Alyque Padamsee the license to bring his fantasies alive on stage and same tjing he learned from the theatre applied in advertising. His best ads have been ones in which he has combined reality and fantasy.

Be a Multi-Tasker

Alyque Padamsee learned this from his Mother who was a energetic women and had the ability for multi-tasking. Alyque Padamsee is always greedy for new experiences and hence he bring in many things at one time. As he says that the mind should never be on rest.

Always respond to failure

Alyque Padamsee says what he learned. You should always respond to failure, not react to it. Failure is something that teaches you that where you are lacking and not accepting your failure will help grow your ego, not your brain.


An ad should always be idea-oriented. There should always lie an idea behind the making. Like an ad of Condom has a idea of protection from AIDS, dettol has an idea of protection against germs. Similarly every ad must have an idea behind it or the message you are conveying through your ad.

Know what the consumer really wants

Alyque Padamsee was working on product called “Pain Relief” and he was the marketing consultant for the product and he suggested the name of the product to be changed and call it as “Fast Relief” because people when in pain want relief want from it as soon as possible. The consumer needs and acquire these products based on their attractive names and tags.

Core, emotional and aspirational issues

Getting inspired from your real life will lead your creativity touch every level. Your real life has many aspects which can be turned into your creativity. This also leads to touch the basic values in the ad and many of them will realize the touch.

Strategy, execution and marketing

A well planned strategy, a successful execution and the top hit marketing are the key rules or the success formula for having a great ad. The three platform are being described as the key structures for the advertisements.

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